Business Undercover: Private Detective Services

Your Company is in Safe Hands

Undercover agents and loss prevention agents can be used when you suspect theft or drugs or stealing of time or trade secrets from your company . Our Company is experienced in these types of investigations for over 4 decades.

By putting one of our agents as an undercover operative into your business working alongside your employees can give you the information you need to complete prosecution if necessary . Our undercover agents report daily activities of employees including theft, stealing time drinking and sleeping on the job, drug use, missing work, or working in a way as to cause injuries to themselves to file a injury claim or to injure another employee.

The charge for our standard undercover agent is what we will charge you for 8-hour day plus the agent receives your standard rate of pay for his/her job. We require a two week retainer in advance and a schedule of the shift needed covered. This is a invaluable service and can only be handled by experienced experts... We offer a shopping service also that allows us to view your associate while in action and customer service and honesty.. Please inquire on these services by contacting either Mike or Deb at

Mr. and Mrs. Detective performed surveillance for me. It was a difficult area to watch as it is suburban and open. They are very professional and perform their duties according to protocol. They were able to obtain pictures, video and were even involved in the delivery of legal documents to the people who were under investigation. They performed approximately 60 hours of surveillance, breaking the time up between morning, mid day and night. They are very kind, believe in the power of faith and wonderful to work with. I hope to never need their service in the future, but if I do I would definitely chose them again.

Charlene M.
Business Undercover Client

Please call us at 401-365-3438 or 401-692-0127 for a free no pressure consultation. If we can not help you we will try to guide you in the right direction. You may also e-mail us directly at